Monday, December 26, 2011

Discounted Load All Network

I used to sell loads..not via Autoloadmax, Eload of Sun Load but vis share a load for Globe, Pasaload for Smart and Give-a-load for Sun cellular.. All of these are discounted.

Some customers always ask if i still earn from my loading business since I am selling load with 20 percent discount. Well, I answered them YES, I still do earn from it.

Some of my loads came from Embeepay. Do you know Embeepay? Check some of the pages of this blog and you will find how Embeepay works to get load.

Another one is the Earnmailer. You can also find it with this blog. I wrote some information here about Embeepay and Earnmailer.

For those interested visit my Facebook account. 

Monday, December 05, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Y at P1000 OFF!!!

SMART REWARDS extends this once-in-a-lifetime privilege exclusively for SAMSUNG GALAXY Y NETPHONE EDITION:

1.       The SAMSUNG GALAXY Y NETPHONE EDITION is currently available for 5,990.00php at SMART Retail Stores nationwide and at designated SMART Netphone blitzes.

2.       Subscribers who wish to avail of a 1,000php discount for the purchase of SAMSUNG GALAXY Y NETPHONE EDITION thru their SMART REWARDS POINTS will just need to redeem it by texting REDEEM 1000 to 9800. Subscribers will be deducted with 1,000 points upon texting this keyword. To check points, text POINTS to 9800.

3.       This is open to all SMART GSM Prepaid subscribers who have at least 1,000 points. SMART Infinity, Talk ‘n Text, Red Mobile, service units and corporate accounts, SMART Bro Prepaid and SMART Bro Postpaid are not eligible to join this promo.

4.       Upon redemption, he/she would receive a Validation Code/Message which states that he could avail of a 1000php discount from SMART Retail Stores.

5.       He/she must show received Validation Code/Message to the front liner to verify the discount redemption.

6.       After verification, the front liner will authorize the discount redemption and the subscriber will get 1000-pesos off on his/her purchase of SAMSUNG GALAXY Y NETPHONE EDITION.

7.       Each subscriber can only avail of this promo ONCE.  Succeeding attempts to text the keyword will return an invalid message.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Seri Fantasy World

Hey guys!!! Ensogo Philippines is now offering a voucher for Unlimited Day Pass at Any 2 Attractions  (a choice from 3D Cinema Plus, Mirror Maze & Trick Art Museum) at Seri Fantasy World at 2nd F Manila Ocean Park, Luneta, Manila.

The voucher is worth P149.00 only valid for 6 months. For more info, CLICK HERE.
The Mirror Maze is a tricky Mirror Maze challenges an escape to a multi-dimensional mirror that gives up to six reflections at one time. The light destruction and the hundredfold of reflections make escaping to this maze a difficult challenge.

3D Cinema Plus - Marvel and let your imagination run wild with a 3D movie that will definitely rattle your senses. See the awesome 3D attraction and the special effects than can be seen and heard with this attraction.

View the most amazing 3D optical illusions at Trick Art Museum. This museum will let you view a gallery of three-dimensional art free hand painted by korean artists. Be ready as each work of art will give you a jaw dropping sense of realism.