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Free Load from Embee Mobile

Last June I invited by my friend in Facebook to join this application. I asked her what is this application all about. She told me that I can get a FREE load from this just by earning points called Embee Points. All I have to do is to accomplish simple task and invite friends too. Hmmmm... sound exciting and interesting for me.... so I registered.

How it works:


 Join EmbeePay on Facebook by entering your mobile number and operator. Get free Embee Points to get started! 

Get Embee Points

Do Paychecks - Complete offers, surveys and tasks from leading brands.

Get Bonuses - Invite your Friends, get Email Alerts, and participate in other special Embee offers for free Points!

Over 180 mobile operators in 60 countries - Trade your Embee Points for mobile service and content.

After I registered I tried some simple task to earn embee points.. See what I've got before...:) Amazing!

I am totally amzed with this application! I am always happy and excited finding some free stuff online like this one.
I had enough points then so I decided to top it up with my globe and sun mobile number.. see my proof of top up.

Here are proof of my top up with my globe mobile number

If you use Facebook and have an access to the internet from your computer or mobile, why miss this extra opportunity to save money from buying loads? Some people have earned huge amount from embee and they even monetize it by selling those prepaid load at discounted prize. Amazing!!

Why wait? Start using Embee now!!