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After introducing my self, I want to share some of the things that interest me. i am very hooked in looking for something that is totally free. I mean freebies. Or promos, contests and a lot more.

Last November 2010 I found this site that gives FREE watch every month. Unisilver Time is giving away FREE watch. All you have to do is to Register First if not yet a member. And start to invite 20 friends to join the site.

Create your UnisilverTIME account now and earn points!
Earn points when you register! Your successful registration will automatically earn you 100 points. You can also earn points through successful friend referrals, and joining Unisilver TIME ShoutBox! Buying on their on-line store can also earn you points.

Here are the watches that I won for the month of November and December.    Also you can get it cheap at online auction. All members can participate in this online bidding. If you're the highest bidder, you get that item at the price you last bid.                                                                                                                                                                   

Month of November

Month of December

First batch of watches I won

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