Sunday, June 23, 2013

Talk 'N Text PISONET

  1. This is open to all Talk ‘N Text subscribers nationwide with data capable phones only.
  2. Package offers 5 hours of mobile internet browsing for 2days, for only Php1.00.
  3. Promo is available via SMS registration.
    1. To register, text SAMPLE to 4545. Other accepted keyword, SAMPOL to 4545.
    2. Subscriber must have at least Php2.00 to avail the data package
    3. Upon successful registration, subscriber will receive a message confirming that he/she may already use the package.

Successful Confirmation Message:
1/3 Reg kna sa PISONET SAMPLER, 5hrs ng Mobile Internet browsing, valid for 2 days! Your subscription is valid until [Validity Time: |%RegExpiry%|].

2/3 To check validity,text BAL to 2200 for free. Aftr validity,P10/30mins apply. Ang serbisyong ito ay 1 beses lang pwedeng gamitin.

3/3 For more info, log-on to

  1. Other Business Rules
    1. Multiple promo availment is not allowed. This is strictly one-time availment only.
System notification after another registration attempt:

“You can only register to PISONET SAMPLER once.”

    1. Subscription is based on running time. Validity will start from the time of successful availment.
    2. Php1.00 maintaining balance is required to continue enjoying the availed package.
    3. Subscriber will be able to receive a pre-depletion notification upon 80% consumption/usage and cross over spiel triggered by full consumption of browsing credits during usage.
    4. If subscriber continuous to browse the internet after the subscription has expired, he will automatically be charged Php10 for 30mins (default browsing rate)
    5. Subscriber may be able to check the subscription validity by texting BAL to 2200. Transaction is free of charge.
    6. Volume data usage is up to 8.4MB. However, information should NOT be volunteered. 


  1. nka register nq. bkt hindi pa rin aq mka pag net?

  2. very good promo! had tried it yesterday..hope it will be implemented with same tariff rates.

  3. nakapag register ako, pero sabi nio ganito "subscriber will receive a message confirming that he/she may already use the package." pero ang lumabas lang sakin is ganito.

    for more info, log on to
    pero wala pa din.. hais!!!!!