Friday, January 24, 2014

UnisilverTime Giveaway Craze part 5!


Get a chance to win yourself a UnisilverTime WATCH on our weekly giveaways!!! So what are you waiting for! FOLLOW, LIKE, SHARE and to COMMENT now! Invite you're friends over! SHARE this with them and let's make it more fun! Have fun!!! :)

1. FOLLOW our official Instagram account. @unisilvertime on Instagram.

2. LIKE our Official Fan Page & LIKE the daily Instagram post. 2 photos are posted daily. Remember ONLY our post with the Title: “@unisilvertime I.G. Giveaway Craze” is included in this activity.

3. SHARE with your friends our 2 daily I.G. posts by reposting on your walls with the description:"Follow @unisilvertime on Instagram".

4. COMMENT on our Facebook and Instagram Posts to let us know you've accomplished all the steps.

5. Contest duration is from Duration: Whole Month of  January.


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