Wednesday, August 24, 2011

AIP Online Surveys

Hi guys! have you heard about AIP Online Surveys here in the Philippines? 
AIP Online Surveys was launched last June 2010, they serves business organizations and entities from all over the world primarily from Europe, US and Asia. Seeking individuals aged 16 and above to participate in paid market research studies. These will require you to give honest and true information, opinions and feedback on a particular products or services.

All members of AIP who participated in surveys will be rewarded in the form called EPoints. These EPoints can be exchanged or converted into vouchers or gifts once a minimum of 2000 points has reached.
      1 Epoints = 0.01php Minimum needed for vouchers is 2,500 Epoints

I can't say for now if this site is really paying its members, once i reached the minimum I will immediately post the proof here. So far, I got 1505 EPoints, still need 1000 more to exchange it with Sodexho.

I will keep you posted...:)

If you want to join me here just lave your email and I will be sending you an invitation. 
Additional info: To make your first 2000 points, invite 5 friends and received bonus EPoints!!!

     - Refer up to five (5) friends to register with us.
     - After each of your friends has completed registration and participated in their first AIP survey, you and     your friend will both receive bonus EPoints!  (400 EPoints for you, 250 EPoints for your friend)

For more info, visit the site here!

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