Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Play with Google Gravity

Google has many interesting things to do.  One of this is the Goolge Gravity.  

What is Google Gravity? Google Gravity is listed as a new chrome experiment. The effect behind the creation of the google gravity is actually javascript with the extension box2d-js.  It was introduced to give you a feeling of gravity on web. 

Here how to do this, 2 ways:

First go to Google Gravity page. You will see nothing special about it. Try searching on this box and see what will happen next. 

Second way is to go to www.google.com/. Turn of Google instant search. Enter or search "Google Gravity" and click on the first result.

Grab any piece and use it to hit others. Or hold the Google logo by one of its sides and hold it up and shake it and try to spin it around. 

So friends enjoy the Google Gravity trick. All things are possible on web...

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