Monday, August 22, 2011

Earn Load or Cash from Emails

I never stop looking for anything online that will give me extra income, extra mobile load or anything that will satisfy my passion. I stumbled up again to try this new opportunity to get extra freebies by doing simple task.! What t is the task??? Very simple... you will earn just by sending emails. Yes, just sending emails. Sounds great right??? Here how it works....

Let me first tell you what is this all about., yes its the name of the site, allows advertisers to reach email users globally via its growing membership network. member embed an ad in their email signature so that every ongoing email displays an ad. 

To join, click HERE. For more information read their FAQs.

After 2 weeks of using emails with this signature I earned $0.29. Then I tried if I can use this amount to top up  with my Globe number.

Here, you can see my available balance or current earnings. 

Click :Claim Load" and you will be redirected to this page where in you will be asked to put your mobile number and amount of load that allowed to top up given your available earnings.

Confirm the details and click "YES".

Yey!!!! Its true and I just got my P12 Load!! I just tried here a small amount to check if its legit. YOu can try a bigger amount to top up with your phone. 

Try it yourself...

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