Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Funny & Cool Facebook Status Updater

I just found another cool and exciting application for facebook.. (thanks to my friend in Konek.Me - Alwand). While I am browsing one of the site that I am active in forum posting, I found a post saying "update your facebook status via any device". Hmmm.. got curious and read the forum and I found myself actually doing it. Hehehehe... my friends was amazed...:)

What is Facebook status updater? -- It is a simple trick to update your facebook status update via any device without actually having one facebook for ipad, android, blackberry, iphone and a lot more!!

Here, I am sharing this cool way of updating your facebook status. Enjoy and let me know your feedback.

You can use the following link, make your already log in in your facebook account.

For other device, you can visit this link. Click HERE.

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